@Gaby thanks! But it won’t be for long. The posting interface for larger posts is just not good I can’t use it anymore.

@Gaby I came back for a bit again but none of my posts were showing up in the timeline. Looks like it’s good now :)

@Gaby your photography is getting better and better by the day. It's great thanks for sharing your great shots.

@Gaby wow the lighting is incredible. Nice one!

@cn it could work! :)

@cdevroe haha, I like it!

@JohnPhilpin it’s just such a long, and ‘unattractive’ name haha. I’ll leave it as The Dent for now, at least until I can get myself actually blogging more.

@JohnPhilpin it always fascinated me how much people can get out of Drafts. It’s an app I’ve always admired from afar but I’ve just never been able to get into myself. It’s impressive to see people just dive into it.

@Gaby Personal blogs are my favs also. Your consistent and always interesting posts are inspirational. Loving the current theme on your blog also.

@JohnPhilpin that looks ... complex!

@mroutley If Google hasn't killed their book store, I doubt Apple would haha. They love to kill stuff off.

@Gaby I assume it’s search is only as good as the service it’s hooked into, but I’m downloading it again now to compare, thanks. I’ve never liked Spark, it’s a bit too ‘heavy’ but it’ll be interesting to see if the issue is with the app or service itself.

@JeffPerry received! :)

@ChrisJWilson its m.youtube.com/user/andy...

@pimoore oh thanks thats a good suggestion. I'm not sure I have a high rez / editable version any more but I'll have a look.

@toddgrotenhuis Thanks! I've come back to a very attractive dark mode which is nice haha.

@BenSouthwood yeah that's a good attitude to have. I've got to say I've treated it as 99% a blogging platform and haven't been good about getting involved in conversations or talking too much here. I may need to run over my following list again, make sure I have active people there and try and get involved in that side of things more.

@gr36 ah I wondered if you’d give this a whirl. I’m really impressed by it. I’m definitely dropping GeforceNow after trying this thing out.

@gr36 oh, I don’t fancy dealing with that then haha. Maybe I will just need to be creative with the images I share and just avoid posting small items Haha. The lazy ‘head in the sand’ approach! :)

@mroutley an improvement at least! :)

@gr36 Hah, I've no idea to be honest! What I want to achieve now is that landscape images are full width, but if I post a smaller image, like an app screenshot in portrait, it doesn't stetch it out to also try and fill the full width.

@gr36 Thanks I'll take a look! Can I change this so it uses 100%, unless I specify a size in the HTML in the post?

@Gaby I’m glad it’s not just me then! Haha.

@kitt haha, sorry to disappoint!

@gr36 no tips, but I’d love to know also. My timeline is just full of mid-conversation messages and I end up just scrolling past it all because I see no context.